Beginner Woodworking Safety

Before beginning your woodworking project, you must consider first and foremost your personal safety. What good is the beautiful piece of furniture that you built if you lost your hand? Your personal safety is the most important thing in your woodworking workshop. You should always be safety conscious when you are working inside your woodworking workshop.

Firstly, let us look at “what are the hazards in your woodworking workshop”. Then, we’ll go along by “protecting yourself from these hazards”.

So, what are the hazards in your woodworking workshop? Environmental hazard, these could be an un-kept woodworking workshop. The floor should be level and non-slip condition. Un-even floor can cause trips and slips. Workshop floor should be free of loose wood materials such as wood chips, waste wood and saw dust that can cause slippage. Spill should be promptly cleared away to prevent slipping. Hand tools are everywhere, unused woods are not piled up properly or power cables of power tools are entangled with some other stuff.

If you are beginner woodworking enthusiast, make sure to do your homework first by reading all the safety precautions of all the woodworking tools and equipment you’re about to use. Not taking the time to learn the safety precautions of your tools could be very costly. Don’t put your personal safety at risk. Tools have different safety precautionary requirement that is stated on the manual of the device. This could be wearing a recommended protective gear.

Next, you should always wear your personal protective equipment. As a beginner woodworking enthusiast, it is a must for you to wear these personal protective equipments. These are your safety glasses, gloves, dusk mask, safety shoes and ear plugs. It is mandatory for your safety to wear these protective equipments before you do any work in your workshop.