Beginner WoodWorking Plans – Finding An Easy Woodworking Plans

Where can you find an easy beginner woodworking plan? Easy beginner woodworking plan is usually the key to the successful completion of any kind of wood working project, we all know this and it is a fact. Most of the beginner woodworking plans I’ve seen online are not really beginner woodworker friendly. The following are my observation that are lacking in most of the beginner woodworking plans that are free online and are ready to download from the internet:

  • They lack the proper bill of materials
  • Have complicated instructions, nor it is not detailed enough
  • Possess diagrams that seem like they have already been written with other language. Sometimes it just a sketch without proper annotations.

Where to Find Excellent Beginner Woodworking Plans:
There are so many free woodworking plan on the internet but within my own individual experience, free plans are garbage. Garbage in a sense that it is not made for the beginner woodworker. The level of the woodworking enthusiast is not considered when they put out the plan. Even if it is labelled as a beginner, it is very challenging to follow. There are no detailed instructions on how to build the project. Yes, we would all prefer to save several dollars because we spent a little bit more on tools, but having a good woodworking plan that is not free is a crucial factor in building the woodworking project a success.

There are numerous good guides that cover this subject matter, and you will find these at your local bookstore, or on the web at You can try your luck with the popular woodworking magazines as well, but generally the quality of these guides tend to be rather hit and miss. It does take time and practice to find out which publications have the best project. Have a good browse at a nearby magazine stand, but don’t go overboard and buy a whole heap of magazines!

What To look for An Excellent Beginner Woodworking Plan:
If you are just starting in woodworking, it’s better to start with an easy woodworking plan. It will assist you to understand what’s inside a woodworking project, and how you can read and also follow these instructions properly. The fundamental different parts of good woodworking projects are: detailed step-by-step instructions just like the Ted’s Woodworking Project. It is a complete set of the resources and materials you will need, and full diagrams with measurements which are to size. As the beginner, you should stick to the plan whenever possible, and simply make adjustments if you are more skilled.

Characteristics of a Good Beginner Woodworking Plan

  • It must have a detailed step by step instructions on how to build the woodworking project from start to finish.
  • Instructions must be big enough to easily read and follow.
  • It must have a list of the materials needed, such as nail (sizes too), screws, glue, hardware, etc.
  • It must have a list of tools needed to finish the woodworking project. This includes any special tools it needs, like router.
  • It must have an accurate measurement of dimension of the drawing to determine the materials needed.

In my own experience, it is difficult to find a good beginner woodworking project. But there is one comprehensive woodworking plan that is suitable for beginner woodworking enthusiasts. It is called the Ted’s Woodworking Plans. It contains more than 16,000 plans for beginner woodworking hobbyist and woodworking professional alike. This set of plans can be followed by anybody. This is very advantageous for beginner woodworker who is just starting their beginner woodworking projects. You can download this set of woodworking plans at