Beginner Woodworking Basic Hand Tools – A Must for Beginner Woodworking Hobbyist

If you are a beginner woodworking enthusiast, the first things you are going to need are the basic hand tools for your beginner woodworking project. Don’t make the mistake, like most beginner woodworking hobbyist do by going out and spend an arm and a leg on woodworking basic hand tools. If you are smart and you know where to look, you can get the woodworking basic hand tools that you need for a bargain price.

Beginner Woodworking Basic Hand Tools for Woodworking Hobbyist

Most of the beginning woodworking project that you can build, can be done by the following basic hand tools. It is a must that you have this before any beginning woodworking project.

  1. Hand Saw (crosscut handsaw) – This hand tool have been around for ages. It is the most basic tool to use in cutting the wood to the desired number of pieces, length and shapes. This is usually done in order to join the pieces together to create a fine and sturdy table, cabinet, chair, etc. They usually cut the piece of wood by either pushing the saw (push cut) or pulling the saw (pull cut).
  2. Hammer (claw hammer) – This hand tool is known to be the oldest hand tool for which definite evidence exist. It is meant to deliver an impact to the object. It is used basically to drive nails and staples to the wood.
  3. Screw Driver Set – It is a tool for driving screw and bolts into the wood. Screw driver has a head or tip that matches the screw to be driven into the wood. This tool is totally dependent on the screw. There are several types of tips or head of the screw driver. In North America, 3 types of head is prevalent – the Standard, Philips and Robertson.
  4. Beginner Woodworking
  5. Chisels – It is basically used for creating joints and mortises. It is also used in finishing up the woodworking project. This tool comes in so many shapes and sizes, depending on its application. Examples of these are: carving chisel, dovetail chisel, mortise chisel, etc.
  6. Retractable Tape Measure (25 feet) -This tool is an absolute must to have for a beginner woodworking enthusiast. You must know how to read the measuring tape properly and accurately. The success of the woodworking project depends on the exact measurement you do using this tool.
  7. Level – This tool is to keep the materials perfectly horizontal or vertical. It also used to check if the surface of the wood is perfectly flat.
  8. Hand Plane – It is used to shape the piece of wood to its desired shape. It is also used in making the wood totally flat, also used in cleaning up edges of the wood during assembly.
  9. Sharpening Tools – This is a must have in order for your hand saw, chisel and plane to be in their perfect sharpness. As a beginner woodworking enthusiast, you should learn how to sharpen your tools properly. Improper use of this tool might damage your saw, chisel or plane.

Aside from the basic hand tools listed above, you must have also the following tools and accessories:
• Set of Clamps – This tool is use to temporarily hold pieces of wood together before joining them permanently.
• Carpenter pencil – Its main use is to mark the exact location where you put the nail or screw. It marks also the location of the piece of wood to be cut or remove.
• Staple Gun – It is use staple a piece of cloth or leather into a piece of wood for furniture making.